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Cape Henlopen (DE) Camping Weekend - Jun 26, 2020 Submit Pictures from this Trip

We had a great time camping and spending a beautiful weekend at Cape Henlopen. We only wish that our campsite were bigger. Instead, we found ourselves jostling for a space on a slant surface that during the night helped slide us from one end of the tent to another. But, we did fairly well for our first returning to Cape Henlopen in 5 years (not knowing that it was like about the site). And we did not waste the opportunity to do some reconnaissance for bigger, flatter campsites for future returns to the park.
Unfortunately, we didn’t have a grill. So, the salmon and chicken went back home with us. However, our supplies of fresh fruits, bagels, freeze-dried meals, peanut butter, eggs, oatmeal, sake, noodles, and pistachios were plenty to keep us sustained.

The hikes were wonderful. The first afternoon, we swam with a pod of dolphins. The second day, we went through the military ruins, hiked both sides of the peninsula in the morning, learned about the mating habits of horseshoe crabs and rescued a few. In the afternoon, we hiked the southern portion, through Gordons Pond, where we had a close-up view of a variety of birds thanks to the binoculars of a super friendly birder/cyclist – not much of a birder, though, because we found we were given wrong names for the bird species upon later verification at campsite :). Walking back along the beach, we chatted up and learned from a fisherman about the humongous sand fleas that he caught to use as baits. A total of 13 miles of hiking seeing a mix of pine forest, marshland, dunes, and ocean. Some of us opted for more beach time.

For a bonus at the end of the day, the park opened up a watch tower for us to climb up. Wonderful views up and down the coastline. If you go to town (Rehoboth Beach), we highly recommend Nuevo Taco. Great food. Fair prices.

We were not very happy to leave but we’ll be back!

Pride Hike through Rock Creek Park - Jun 14, 2020 Submit Pictures from this Trip

Adventuring’s back! And we’re celebrating Pride. After nearly a 3-month absence from the trails, Adventuring came up with its own Phase 2 reopening by organizing a hike in Rock Creek Park complete with masks, social distancing, and walking in groups no larger than 9. Also, since this would have been Capitol Pride weekend, we declared this hike our substitute for the canceled Capitol Pride parade and asked participants to wear something they normally would have worn for the parade (though high heels were highly discouraged). Twenty-one individuals eagerly joined us on a perfect, sunny day for our colorful return to the trails – sporting everything from rainbow face masks to beads to the champion Italian contribution of a hot pink wig and rainbow cape. After hiking approximately 9 miles, the 3 separate groups made their way to the Boundary Bridge and then formed a very long (and socially distant line) to the Silver Spring metro station. After that, fourteen hungry and thirsty hikers made their way to the outdoor beer garden of the LGBTQ-owned Denizen Brewery, where we raised more than a few glasses to Adventuring’s return and to Pride.


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