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*Events and Announcements listed below are subject to change and/or cancellation. Check the web site or contact the trip leader for a trip to determine if it has been cancelled or rescheduled.

Adventuring is a not-for-profit, all-volunteer organization serving the gay and lesbian community in the Washington area. Its purpose is to encourage and publicize group outdoor activities. If you are a trip leader, please update your trip descriptions and announcements in the Adventuring web database for the upcoming month no later than the 20th of the previous month.


Date(s) Trip Title Leader Phone
Mar 26 (Sun) Hiking Chancellorsville Battlefield Craig (202) 462-0535
Apr 01 (Sat) Cunningham Falls-Catoctin Mountain Hike Jackson (410) 422-9257
Apr 02 (Sun) Scott's Run Hike Jerry C. (703) 920-6871

Important Information: Liability: Adventuring is a not-for-profit organization operated entirely by volunteers. The activities sponsored by Adventuring are cooperative in nature; individuals participate at their own risk and with the understanding that trip leaders are not experts. The Adventuring organization and its individual volunteers take no responsibility and disclaim any liability for accident or injury associated with its activities. Trip Fees: In order to support the operation of its program, Adventuring assesses a trip fee of $2 per participant for day trips and $4 for trips longer than a day. Trip fees are payable to the trip leader on or by the date of the activity. Transportation Fees: Trip leaders may assess a transportation fee to reimburse drivers for the expense of group carpools. This fee is calculated at the rate of 30 cents per mile per vehicle and is divided among the carpooling participants.


Hiking Chancellorsville Battlefield
Mar 26 (Sun); Craig(202) 462-0535
The Battle of Chancellorsville, an epic 3-day struggle fought near Fredericksburg (VA) in early May 1863, ranks as one of Confederate General Robert E. Lee's most brilliant and improbable victories, won against all-but-impossible odds. Union Commander Joseph E. "Fighting Joe" Hooker had completely outfoxed Lee with flawlessly planned and executed maneuvers at the end of April, but then went catatonic when Lee refused to follow Hooker's script and instead went eyeball-to-eyeball with him. Our guided walking tour today on both paved roads and unpaved trails will hit the highlights of this titanic engagement that set the stage for the Battle of Gettysburg two months later. Total length of our moderate one-way stroll will not exceed 7 miles over rolling terrain. Bring beverages, lunch, bug spray, and about $10 for fees. We'll gather at 9 a.m. inside the King Street Metro Station in Alexandria near the station attendant's kiosk. NOTE: Anyone taking Metro should be aware that its on-going SafeTrack surge is playing havoc with schedules and so should allot plenty of extra time to get to King Street on time.

Cunningham Falls-Catoctin Mountain Hike
Apr 01 (Sat); Jackson(410) 422-9257
Distance: 18.5 miles

Elevation gain: 4,350 ft

Difficulty: **ULTRA STRENUOUS**

Ready to challenge your limits and test your endurance? Your chance has come. This hike is arguably the most strenuous Adventuring has ever formally undertaken. Combining the twin jewels of Cunningham Falls State Park and Catoctin Mountain Park just an hour's drive north of DC near Frederick, MD, this hike follows a combination of trails and involves multiple prolonged steep ascents. Tenacious hikers will be rewarded with scenic views of the surrounding Maryland countryside and towns at many points throughout the hike.

Needless to say, this is only for regular hikers who are well in shape. We will be moving at a brisk pace to make sure we complete our journey before sundown. If you are unsure whether this hike is suitable for you, feel free to contact the trip leader to discuss whether you are ready for it.

Bring sufficient water, lunch, warm layers of clothing, sturdy footwear, and about $10 for transportation and trip fees. We will be stopping by the Catoctin National Park Visitor Center, where a water fountain is available to refill your bottles. A post-hike change of shirt is optional but usually recommended for your own comfort. The regular Sheetz stop will provide the opportunity to purchase your favorite snack or sandwich. On the way home, we will stop for dinner. Because of the duration of the hike, expect to return to the Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro Station after dark.

Scott's Run Hike
Apr 02 (Sun); Jerry C.(703) 920-6871
Here's an easy, pretty hike that's close enough and short enough that it can accommodate those of you with busy weekend schedules. Scott's Run Nature Preserve is on the Virginia side of the Potomac River near the Beltway's American Legion Bridge. We'll do a hike in the range of 3 to 4 miles that will take us past the waterfall on Scotts Run and along the Potomac River, as well as up and down the palisades of the Potomac. We will also stop by the Burling House ruins as we traverse the area. We'll carpool to the nature preserve at 9:30 AM from a free (on weekends) parking lot located in Arlington in Pentagon City. It's on Army Navy Drive between S. Hayes St. and S. Joyce St. (across from an entrance to Macy's). The parking lot is called the "Pentagon Reservation Parking Lot" and is about a 5-minute walk from the Pentagon City Metro station. We'll meet near the attendant's booth at the entrance to the parking lot. Bring water and a snack or lunch. Costs include the $2 trip fee, plus a $2 transportation fee for non-drivers.


Team DC Promotes LGBT Sports in DC Area
Team DC is a charitable organization providing information on the many LGBT sports and recreation groups in the Washington DC area, educating the LGBT community on the benefits of individual and team sports participation, and working within the broader community to dispel discrimination against LGBT people participating in sports. You can subscribe to their Sportsgram or find out more about LGBT sports and recreation in the DC area by visiting the Team DC website: teamdc.org

Pick the Place—Set the Pace—Be the Face
Have you ever wanted to be the one who decides where Adventuring goes? Have you ever thought, “I would like to set the pace?” Have you thought, “More people like me should be on this trip.” Become a Trip Leader, and you can pick the place, set the pace AND be the new face of Adventuring!

Adventuring’s volunteer Trip Leaders hone leadership skills while having fun with friends. Trip Leaders share practical tips with each other while serving Adventuring’s unique mission—opening up the Great Outdoors to the LGBT community!

Becoming a Trip Leader is easy and free. Contact the Program Coordinator in your area of interest listed at http://www.adventuring.org/about.htm , or simply contact Keith Bennett at keithbennettsmail@gmail.com. You can also contact any one on our Operations Committee listed at http://www.adventuring.org/about.htm.

Adventuring will pair you with a current Trip Leader with similar interests, and the two of you will plan and conduct your first Adventure together. Once you are comfortable with the process—then you get to pick the place, set the pace and be the new face of Adventuring!

Adventuring Joining w/ Capital Climbers
Adventuring announces its partnership with the Capital Climbers (formerly known as the DC Rock Jocks). At a recent Team DC Holiday party, leaders of both Adventuring and the Rock Jocks agreed to work together in 2015 on ways that would mutually benefit both groups. The idea is during the winter months (and beyond) Adventuring would encourage its members who are interested in learning and/or getting in shape for rock climbing to join their frequently scheduled "Open Climbs" or take an "Intro to Rock Climbing" course with their members at two of the DC area rock climbing gyms. The Rock Jocks have planned some of their own outdoor rock climbing trips in the past but were excited at the idea of joining future Adventuring trips benefiting from our carpool coordination experience. In the spring, Adventuring will begin offering outdoor rock climbing trips planned by our very own Dale Stevick who is also a member of the DC Rock Jocks. Both groups have committed to promote each others activities through their websites and social media.

Adventuring recommends that those Adventurers who have expressed interest in our upcoming trips, get in touch with the DC Rock Jocks to learn and practice with them indoors and obtain the proper equipment needed for our future outdoor climbs. Please contact Dale with Adventuring or Bryan Yamasaki with the DC Jocks for more information.

Information on the weekly Open Climbs at Earth Treks climbing center (www.earthtreks.com) in Rockville, Maryland.

DC Rock Jocks climb every Monday and Wednesday from 6:00pm-9:00pm. Bryan says that as long as people can metro out to the gym (one county block from the Rockville Metro Station), then there is a high possibility that one of our climbers that drives and lives in DC will be able to carpool 1-4 people back with them. Also their is a Sunday Open Climb from 2:00pm-5:00pm....maybe until 6:00pm followed by grabbing food, usually Chipotle or cheap Chinese food.

$22.00 - Day Pass

$05.00 - Harness Rental

$05.00 - Shoe Rental

To reduce costs, Livingsocial has this:

The Sportrock group of DC Rock Jocks (at the rock climbing center in Alexandria, VA) has selected Wednesday evenings as their meet up time for Open Climbing with majority of the members arriving between 6:30 and 7:00 PM. J Aron Hinson, Jonathan Plante, Ben Smith are regular attendees and good people to get to know.

The DC Rock Jocks are hoping to plan two intro rock climbing classes for Adventuring soon. The cost of the one at Earth Treks climbing center in Rockville would be $39 per person but there could be a discount if 10 – 15 people sign up. The cost of the one at Sportrock climbing center in Alexandria would be $35 per person which covers the total cost of the $18 entrance/$10 shoes and harness rental, plus a free pass to come back to climb and take your belay certification test. For more information about Earth Treks in Rockville contact Bryan Yamasaki at 240-603-2215 or more information at Sportrock in Alexandria contact Aron Hinson at 504-704-7091. Adventurers who are interested should link to the following Rock Jocks survey and submit so they can measure your interest level:


Make ROCK CLIMBING of your New Year's Resolutions. Use these winter months to prepare along with our friends at the DC Rock Jocks!

New Partnership with REI
Adventuring – LGBT Outdoors Club is excited to announce their decision to partner with recreational retailer REI for some joint special activities throughout the year. Adventuring and REI will kick off their new partnership during the week after Capital Pride 2016 in Washington, DC with two great adventures right here in our Nation’s Capital. The DC BYOBike Tour will be held on Wednesday, June 15th and the DC Monuments Sunset Kayak Tour will be held on Friday, June 17th. More details can be found on the Adventuring.org website or our Meetup and Facebook pages, with a link to REI’s registration website where the required prepayment can be made. Adventuring will also be holding a Summer Happy Hour at the REI Community Space at Wunder Garden on Thursday, August 18th. Attendance to these events requires payment in advance online – no additional Adventuring trip fees are needed for these special activities since REI will be donating the proceeds of each activity to Adventuring. For descriptions, costs, locations, and link to register, please check on www.adventuring.org or join our Adventuring – LGBT Outdoors Group on Meetup or Facebook.


14-Mile Trek Along Maryland's AT (Jeff)
Fourteen Adventurers hiked 14 miles on a beautiful “spring” day, where the temperatures reached the low 70’s even though it was only February 18. Hiking mostly along the Appalachian Trail in Maryland, we started at the Washington Monument State Park and trekked 7 miles to the spectacular rock outcroppings of Black Rock Cliff, where we had our lunch. Then on our return trek, we stopped to take in the panoramic view offered by Annapolis Rocks. We ended the hike on this President’s Day weekend at the first monument to our first President, George Washington. Erected by the good citizens of Boonsboro in 1827 (supposedly after a copious consumption of spirits), this Washington Monument preceded the completion of that upstart in the District of Columbia by more than six decades. After the hike, six of us decided to follow the example of the good citizens of Boonsboro by descending on Dan’s Restaurant and Tap House in Boonsboro, where after consuming a large quantity of great brews and comfort foods, we made our way home. Maybe next year, we’ll repeat the experience and this time erect our own monument.

Loudoun Heights/Maryland Heights Hike (Harris)
Five of us spent a long day taking advantage of the early appearance of warm Spring weather and sunshine with views from Loudoun Heights and Maryland Heights. The only surprise was the chill wind blowing from the west on the Loudoun Heights overlook, reminding us that, yes, this was still February. But at least we had the outcropping all to ourselves for our entire visit. Maryland Heights, drenched in sunshine and protected from the wind, was more like a crowded beach with beautiful views and sunbathing with a large number of your "best friends." A sighting of a circling Bald Eagle more than balanced out any hard feelings.

Cunningham Falls-Catoctin Mountain Hike (Jackson)
Ten Adventurers embarked on what is probably the longest Adventuring hike in many months. Bravely bearing witness to what we hoped would be the last gasp of winter, we wove our way through a myriad of trails in Cunningham Falls State Park and Catoctin National Park under a sunny sky. The 15 miles and the many steep and continuous uphills were a challenge, but it is a reflection of the strength and endurance of the Adventurers that we completed our hike before sundown in a season when Nature was still thrifty with her daylight.

Hiking Antietam Battlefield (Craig)
The coldest weather since early January held down our attendance to just nine, but the day was actually pretty comfortable, thanks to endless sunshine and light winds. More people were out on the battlefield than you might have expected, but we always had plenty of elbow room. We had a very interesting chat with some volunteer "Battlefield Ambassadors" hanging around the Cornfield to answer visitor questions. Someone calculated we walked about 6.5 miles in several segments, mostly within shouting distance of the Visitors Center and the rest around Burnside Bridge. We ended just after 4 p.m., giving us plenty of time for a relaxing stop at Nutter's in beautiful downtown Sharpsburg to fill up on ice cream.

Big Schloss Hike (Jackson)
What was meant to be a typical hike in George Washington National Forest turned into a Trial of True Adventurers for our seven hardy souls. The first sign of deviation from our plan was the closure of the forest road to the trailhead. Thankfully, with the ingenuity of many minds, we identified an alternative path to our destination. However, the reason for the road closure soon became apparent: Great North Mountain was thickly layered with the remnants of the winter storm from the past week. But mere snow was no deterrent to our band of Adventurers. We plowed onwards to Big Schloss, at times blazing a path through feet of virgin snow, slipping and tumbling but never faltering. The perseverance of the Adventurers was handsomely rewarded with unrivaled views of the naked beauty of Nature snuggled in the snow. Despite covering only half the planned distance, the effort was a challenge more strenuous than the original 13 miles, proving that these Magnificent Seven embodied the true spirit of Adventuring.

Cherry Blossom Hike (Jackson; jireh)
It took tremendous strength of character to be out on the cold and windy morning, but this was precisely what nine Adventurers did for a Sunday Cherry Blossom hike around the Tidal Basin in mid-March. However, the Cherry Blossoms have had better years, for the Dark Forces That Hate All Things Beautiful colluded to wreak havoc on DC's beloved flowers. Nevertheless, our Adventurers boldly stared down the wintry morning and enjoyed a brisk exercise free of hustling crowds. One thing for sure, next year's hike will be better!

President Jeff Hughes (301) 775-9660
Secretary Jackson Tan (410) 422-9257
Treasurer Peter Redding (202) 352-4796
Membership Jireh Aki (562) 810-4411
Publicity Bill Horten (443) 244-5495
These are the people who are chosen by the Trip Leaders to make Adventuring's activities tick. Please call them if you have any ideas, questions about our events, hikes, rides and splashes, or if you want to volunteer your skills.
Woods Coordinator: Other Coordinator:
Craig Howell (202) 462-0535 Jerry Cowden (703) 920-6871