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*Events and Announcements listed below are subject to change and/or cancellation. Check the web site or contact the trip leader for a trip to determine if it has been cancelled or rescheduled.

Adventuring is a not-for-profit, all-volunteer organization serving the gay and lesbian community in the Washington area. Its purpose is to encourage and publicize group outdoor activities. If you are a trip leader, please update your trip descriptions and announcements in the Adventuring web database for the upcoming month no later than the 20th of the previous month.


Date(s) Trip Title Leader Phone
Aug 08 (Sat) Bike Ride to Fort Washington Jerry C. 703-920-6871
Aug 08 (Sat) Gathland State Park-Weverton Cliffs Hike Craig (202) 462-0535
Aug 15-16 (Sat-Sun) Big Meadows Hiking Weekend Jeff; Joe (301) 775-9660; (202) 276-5521
Aug 29 (Sat) Skyland to Big Meadows Hike Jay (415) 203-7498
Sep 13 (Sun) DC Murals Walk: Famous Figures Jay (415) 203-7498
Sep 18-20 (Fri-Sun) Cape Henlopen Camping & Hiking Trip John C. (703) 914-1439

Important Information: Liability: Adventuring is a not-for-profit organization operated entirely by volunteers. The activities sponsored by Adventuring are cooperative in nature; individuals participate at their own risk and with the understanding that trip leaders are not experts. The Adventuring organization and its individual volunteers take no responsibility and disclaim any liability for accident or injury associated with its activities. Trip Fees: In order to support the operation of its program, Adventuring assesses a trip fee of $2 per participant for day trips and $4 for trips longer than a day. Trip fees are payable to the trip leader on or by the date of the activity. Transportation Fees: Trip leaders may assess a transportation fee to reimburse drivers for the expense of group carpools. This fee is calculated at the rate of 30 cents per mile per vehicle and is divided among the carpooling participants.


Bike Ride to Fort Washington
Aug 08 (Sat); Jerry C.703-920-6871
Built in the early 19th century to defend the river approach to Washington DC Fort Washington sits atop a bluff on the Maryland side of the Potomac River. It commands a lovely view of the river and the Virginia shoreline. The round-trip ride is about 45 miles. Our route will follow the Mt. Vernon Trail to Wilson Bridge, National Harbor and then down suburban Prince George's County roads and streets to Ft. Washington. Given the length of this ride, a few stretches of busy road, and a longish climb as we approach the Fort this ride should be considered intermediate to advanced. My average moving speed is in the range of 10-12 MPH, but you're welcome to ride at the speed you're comfortable with.

I no longer distribute cue sheets to riders at the start of a ride, but I will email you a cue sheet or TCX file if you request it in advance. I encourage everyone to do this unless you don't mind keeping me in sight throughout the ride.

Pack a lunch or pick up something to eat as we pass through Old Town. Bring a water bottle, $2 for the trip fee, and $3 for the park entrance fee. Please contact me if you're planning to come so I can contact you if I need to make any last-minute changes due to weather. Meet at 9 AM in the parking lot of the Columbia Island Marina. Look for us at the south end of the parking lot (near the marina building). Drivers can only access the parking lot from the southbound lanes of the GW Parkway. The closest Metro station, Pentagon, is about 1.5 miles away.

Gathland State Park-Weverton Cliffs Hike
Aug 08 (Sat); Craig(202) 462-0535
This traditional Adventuring favorite on the Appalachian Trail along Maryland's South Mountain will begin at the historically interesting Gathland State Park. This park not only contains the remains of a grand estate once belonging to a famed Civil War reporter, it is also the scene of a brief but chaotic battle just three days before the epic Battle of Antietam in September 1862. From Gathland we will then proceed along the mountain crest to Weverton Cliffs, a scenic treasure with dramatic views of the Potomac just downstream from Harpers Ferry. Our final leg takes us down a sometimes-steep and rocky stretch to the base of South Mountain. Total length of our easy-to-moderate one-way hike is 7 miles, featuring a rocky and slightly-rolling path along the crest and a descent of 700 feet at the end. Bring plenty of beverages, lunch, sunscreen, bug spray and about $10 for transportation and trip fees. Meet at 9 a.m. at the Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro Station. Drivers needed for a shuttle.

Big Meadows Hiking Weekend
Aug 15-16 (Sat-Sun); Jeff; Joe(301) 775-9660; (202) 276-5521
It’s time for our annual weekend in Shenandoah National Park, where we spend Saturday hiking a trail in the southern section of the Park (too far away for most day trips), spend the night at the delightful Big Meadows Lodge, and then go hiking again on Sunday. This time, we’re going to start off our weekend by trekking the 6.7-mile Riprap Trail. This strenuous one-way route, with 2300 feet of elevation gain, combines spectacular overlooks, stream crossings, cascades, AND a substantial swimming hole where we can expect much Dynamic Lollygagging (TM). On Sunday, we’re going to return to an Adventuring favorite, the beautiful 3.4-mile Stony Man Loop. A special-added attraction will be that the Capital Climbers will also be at Stony Man that day, so we can marvel as they ascend the second highest peak in the Park. In between hikes, we’ll enjoy a delicious dinner and breakfast at the Big Meadows Lodge and raise a few glasses with the Capital Climbers at the Lodge’s raucous New Market Tap Room on Saturday night. We’ve reserved 4 rooms at the Lodge, which will accommodate 8 Adventurers; each room has two double beds. If you want to be one of the elite eight, make out a deposit check for $80 payable to Joe Cook and send to Joe at 1916 17th Street, NW Washington DC 20009. You can get a refund of your deposit (minus the Lodge's $15 cancellation fee) if you tell us to cancel your reservation by Monday August 10. Two other lodging options: 1) Once the 8 spaces are filled, anybody after that can make their own reservations and still be welcome on our expeditions; and 2) You can join the Capital Climbers who are camping near the Lodge on Saturday night. For camping information, contact Aron Hinson at: j.aron.hinson@gmail.com. We will carpool from the East Falls Church Metro Station Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m.; note the early time. Bring plenty of beverages and Saturday's lunch, bug spray, sunscreen, a swimsuit and towel, an estimated $75-$100 for expenses beyond your room deposit (e.g., transportation/meals/trip fees), plus as much as you'd like to squander in the Tap Room.

Skyland to Big Meadows Hike
Aug 29 (Sat); Jay(415) 203-7498
Looking for a more moderate summer hike? This may be the Shenandoah trip for you. It will be a one-way shuttle hike that follows the Appalachian Trail from one of Shenandoah's two major resorts to the other. We'll stop at Skyland Resort to grab a cup of joe before starting our trek southward. We'll have far-reaching views to the west and pass through one overlook after another as we follow the ridgeline south. When we reach the half-mile spur trail to Hawksbill, the highest peak in all of Shenandoah, we'll take that side trip to savor even more views. We'll wrap up our hike at Big Meadows Resort, where we'll likely stop in for a quick pint and a meal before shuttling ourselves back to Skyland for the drive home. The total length is about 8.9 miles along gently rolling terrain, with a climb of about 300 feet from the AT up to Hawksbill, and a slow ascent of about 650 feet at the very end. Meet in the Kiss and Ride lot at the East Falls Church Metro Station at 9 a.m. Bring 3 liters of water, a pair of sturdy hiking shoes, bug spray, about $20 for transportation/trip/admission fees, and whatever you care to spend at Big Meadows afterwards.

DC Murals Walk: Famous Figures
Sep 13 (Sun); Jay(415) 203-7498
DC has dozens upon dozens of murals spread throughout its neighborhoods, with a myriad of styles and a breadth of artistry. Join us for a 2.7-mile urban hike to take a close look at seven of them. We'll focus on murals that pay tribute to famous cultural and historical figures, from Marilyn Monroe to Langston Hughes. Your leader will share some of the history of each mural and its subject matter. We'll begin our journey in Woodley Park and head south and east into the U Street and Shaw neighborhoods. Our only stops will be the murals, so please bring a liter of water, snacks, good shoes and some sunscreen, as well as the $2 trip fee. Meet at the Woodley Park Metro Station at 10 a.m. We'll end a few blocks from both the Mt. Vernon Square/Convention Center Metro Station and the Shaw/Howard University Metro Station.

Cape Henlopen Camping & Hiking Trip
Sep 18-20 (Fri-Sun); John C.(703) 914-1439
Ask the five Adventurers who were at last October’s Cape Henlopen State Park Camping Trip, and they’ll tell you – it was a blast! This trip is on again for September 18-20, 2015! We’ve reserved two adjacent campsites for Friday and Saturday nights, with a big day of hiking planned for Saturday.

The Park and the Campground: Cape Henlopen, a 5200-acre park on the Atlantic Ocean between the towns of Rehoboth Beach and Lewes, Delaware, features impressive dune landscapes, beaches (expected water temperature is around 70), boardwalks, bird-watching, World War II artifacts, and more, and can easily fill a weekend. Our two campsites are near the entrance of a 150-site camping area which allows both tents and RV’s. Each site has running water but no electricity. Shower facilities are a short walk away.

Planning: Event is currently limited to 12 participants. If rsvp’ing via Meetup, please answer the survey questions. Also, feel free to use Meetup to post questions and share information in order to help the trip leaders make appropriate plans for food, ride-sharing, etc. If you are not on Meetup, please email the trip leaders directly. There are two options for arrival time: 1) arrive Friday evening between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm, or 2) arrive Saturday around 1:00 pm. The camping area must be returned to its original condition by 12:00 noon on Sunday.

Food and Activities: The co-leaders will provide all meals, and will host breakfasts and dinners by the campfire; John will be our chef (yea!). The menu will be posted to Meetup soon. Examples of breakfast & dinner menu items include: Blueberry Pancakes with Vermont Maple Syrup, Eggs Cooked to Order, Fresh-Sliced Fruit Platter; Homemade Spanish Rice, Pineapple-Upside-Down Cake. Lunch is typically sandwich fixin’s. If you have special dietary needs, please contact John. Brett will be our hike leader (and ‘sous-chef’).

Driving / ridesharing: Driving time from DC averages 3˝ -4 hours and requires crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge (check traffic reports). Most participants will probably be driving by themselves; the availability of ride-sharing will depend on participants’ responses. Anyone who does get a ride should reimburse their driver for their share of the gas.

Costs: Regardless of when you arrive, this will be considered a multi-day trip, so only the food-and cooking related fees will be prorated. Payment for all trip expenses (per below) must be received no later than Sunday, August 16th. PayPal is preferred; contact one of the co-leaders regarding other methods of payment. Cost breakdown will be as follows:

$4.00 Adventuring fee
$30.00 Campsite fee
$8.00/day: Cooking Fuel charge (since no outside firewood is permitted in the park)
$20.00/day: Food / beverage cost

Thus, total cost would be $90 if staying both nights, or $62 if just one night (plus driver reimbursement if applicable).

Bring: Tent, toiletries, hiking attire, sleeping items, beach items, bug spray, food if you have special needs, etc. You may wish to do an internet search on ‘camping checklist’ for ideas on other items. The trip leaders plan to bring all food items and cooking supplies.

Schedule of Events (*all times approximate / subject to change*):

Friday September 18th
3:00 pm – Co-leaders’ target check-in time
4:00 pm – Earliest check-in time for participants
7:00 pm – Welcome Dinner hosted by John & Brett

Saturday September 19th
7:00 am – Breakfast hosted by John
8:00 am – South Loop Hike (includes Gordon’s Pond area and beach hike)
1:00 pm – Lunch (back at camp)
2:00 pm – North Loop Hike/Swim (beach and dune hiking, WWII artifacts)
8:00 pm – Dinner hosted by John

Sunday September 20th
7:00 am – Breakfast hosted by John
9:00 am – 10:00 am– Break camp
10:00-12:00 – Free time (linger at the campsite, nature hike, swim, etc)
12:00 pm – Departure deadline

Let us know if you have any questions; hope to see you there!

Poll questions:
• When do you plan to arrive – Friday between 3pm and 6pm, or Saturday at 1pm?
• Do you need a ride from DC to Cape Henlopen?
• Do you have your own tent?
• Do you have any special dietary needs?
• Do you plan to bring a dog (subject to approval by the co-leaders)?
• Which are you most interested in: hiking, swimming, relaxing by the fire, or other?


Team DC Promotes LGBT Sports in DC Area
Team DC is a charitable organization providing information on the many LGBT sports and recreation groups in the Washington DC area, educating the LGBT community on the benefits of individual and team sports participation, and working within the broader community to dispel discrimination against LGBT people participating in sports. You can subscribe to their Sportsgram or find out more about LGBT sports and recreation in the DC area by visiting the Team DC website: teamdc.org

Pick the Place—Set the Pace—Be the Face
Have you ever wanted to be the one who decides where Adventuring goes? Have you ever thought, “I would like to set the pace?” Have you thought, “More people like me should be on this trip.” Become a Trip Leader, and you can pick the place, set the pace AND be the new face of Adventuring!

Adventuring’s volunteer Trip Leaders hone leadership skills while having fun with friends. Trip Leaders share practical tips with each other while serving Adventuring’s unique mission—opening up the Great Outdoors to the LGBT community!

Becoming a Trip Leader is easy and free. Contact the Program Coordinator in your area of interest listed at http://www.adventuring.org/about.htm , or simply contact Keith Bennett at keithbennettsmail@gmail.com. You can also contact any one on our Operations Committee listed at http://www.adventuring.org/about.htm.

Adventuring will pair you with a current Trip Leader with similar interests, and the two of you will plan and conduct your first Adventure together. Once you are comfortable with the process—then you get to pick the place, set the pace and be the new face of Adventuring!

Adventuring Joining w/ Capital Climbers
Adventuring announces its partnership with the Capital Climbers (formerly known as the DC Rock Jocks). At a recent Team DC Holiday party, leaders of both Adventuring and the Rock Jocks agreed to work together in 2015 on ways that would mutually benefit both groups. The idea is during the winter months (and beyond) Adventuring would encourage its members who are interested in learning and/or getting in shape for rock climbing to join their frequently scheduled "Open Climbs" or take an "Intro to Rock Climbing" course with their members at two of the DC area rock climbing gyms. The Rock Jocks have planned some of their own outdoor rock climbing trips in the past but were excited at the idea of joining future Adventuring trips benefiting from our carpool coordination experience. In the spring, Adventuring will begin offering outdoor rock climbing trips planned by our very own Dale Stevick who is also a member of the DC Rock Jocks. Both groups have committed to promote each others activities through their websites and social media.

Adventuring recommends that those Adventurers who have expressed interest in our upcoming trips, get in touch with the DC Rock Jocks to learn and practice with them indoors and obtain the proper equipment needed for our future outdoor climbs. Please contact Dale with Adventuring or Bryan Yamasaki with the DC Jocks for more information.

Information on the weekly Open Climbs at Earth Treks climbing center (www.earthtreks.com) in Rockville, Maryland.

DC Rock Jocks climb every Monday and Wednesday from 6:00pm-9:00pm. Bryan says that as long as people can metro out to the gym (one county block from the Rockville Metro Station), then there is a high possibility that one of our climbers that drives and lives in DC will be able to carpool 1-4 people back with them. Also their is a Sunday Open Climb from 2:00pm-5:00pm....maybe until 6:00pm followed by grabbing food, usually Chipotle or cheap Chinese food.

$22.00 - Day Pass

$05.00 - Harness Rental

$05.00 - Shoe Rental

To reduce costs, Livingsocial has this:

The Sportrock group of DC Rock Jocks (at the rock climbing center in Alexandria, VA) has selected Wednesday evenings as their meet up time for Open Climbing with majority of the members arriving between 6:30 and 7:00 PM. J Aron Hinson, Jonathan Plante, Ben Smith are regular attendees and good people to get to know.

The DC Rock Jocks are hoping to plan two intro rock climbing classes for Adventuring soon. The cost of the one at Earth Treks climbing center in Rockville would be $39 per person but there could be a discount if 10 – 15 people sign up. The cost of the one at Sportrock climbing center in Alexandria would be $35 per person which covers the total cost of the $18 entrance/$10 shoes and harness rental, plus a free pass to come back to climb and take your belay certification test. For more information about Earth Treks in Rockville contact Bryan Yamasaki at 240-603-2215 or more information at Sportrock in Alexandria contact Aron Hinson at 504-704-7091. Adventurers who are interested should link to the following Rock Jocks survey and submit so they can measure your interest level:


Make ROCK CLIMBING of your New Year's Resolutions. Use these winter months to prepare along with our friends at the DC Rock Jocks!

Team DC Town Hall Meeting
Everyone is invited to attend a Town Hall meeting that Team DC will host on Monday, June 29, at 7 PM at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Washington DC (901 Massachusetts Ave., NW). The subject of the meeting will be the current negotiations between the Federation of Gay Games and the Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association (GLISA) which sponsors the OutGames. These negotiations are intended to unite the global LGBT sports community back into one quadrennial event starting in 2022.

Team DC has always advocated strongly for one quadrennial event almost since the split occurred back in 2004. Whether these negotiations bring a final resolution to this situation is hard to say. A member of the Negotiating Team will offer a critical look at what is on the table and help attendees determine if it serves the best interests of Team DC, its member clubs, and the LGBT sports community at large.

This will also be a chance for you to voice your opinion about this topic and to be heard by a member of the Negotiating Team as well as Team DC representatives to the Gay Games General Assembly who will vote on this proposal later this year. Team DC, the Federation of Gay Games, and GLISA want and need to hear from you! The future of the Gay Games movement as well as the OutGames is at stake. If you have been to the Gay Games or the OutGames or ever plan to go, this is your chance to speak up and be heard.

If you are planning to attend the Town Hall meeting please click on the following link to a Facebook page so Team DC can plan the space accordingly: https://www.facebook.com/events/777612242358055/. Light refreshments will be served compliments of the Marriott Marquis Hotel.


Lost River State Park (WV) Hike & Swim (Craig)
Another fantastic day of what-is-so-rare-as-a-day-in-June weather, thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Bill, which left us nothing but fair skies and refreshing breezes after smiting the Wicked in TX & OK. Our climb from the Park's stables to the crest was not very taxing, thanks to lots of switchbacks and level sections. The unlimited views we savored during lunch at Cranny Crow Overlook were stunning, though we argued about just which way we were looking. We hiked a bit more along the ridgeline before our rapid descent towards our cars via a steep but wide forest road. Our swim in the Park's pool afterwards was perfect. Those of us who dined at Jalisco in Front Royal on the way home enjoyed the experience, as our novice server was not the least bit intimidated by our fussiness.

DC to Baltimore Bike Ride (Jerry C.)
Two Adventurers and five Outriders set out early Saturday morning from Columbia Island Marina for a 50-mile bike ride to Baltimore. We picked up an additional Adventurer on the Metropolitan Branch Trail just north of Union Station. After a brief stop at Glut food co-op in Mt. Rainier we hopped on the Northeast Branch Trail for a scenic and traffic-free ride through Maryland's inner suburbs. Once beyond the Beltway it was pretty much smooth sailing all the way to Baltimore. Well, one of us did have a blowout to contend with, but he replaced that rear tire's inner tube quickly. And then there was that long work train that blocked the road as it slowly moved rail cars to be loaded with trash from one track to another at the Jessup waste transfer station. Oh, and our ignoring that "Road Closed" sign paid off because the road was fine and we had no cars to contend with. We celebrated our arrival in Baltimore with a great meal at the City Café. Getting back to DC was a breeze thanks to MARC commuter rail's new bike car service. The bike car had racks for 23 bikes and ample seating. We were back in DC well before sunset. If you missed this ride you'll have another opportunity in the coming months because I plan to lead this great ride again. Watch the calendar.

Great Falls (MD) Holiday Hike (Damon)
Although a forecast of morning rains caused a 4-hour delay, a convivial group of ten Adventurers still turned out for the 6th annual July 4 Holiday Hike at Great Falls, MD. In sunny but sultry weather, the group traversed the cooler, shaded Berma Road to Old Anglers Inn Parking Lot, then turned and headed upstream along the scenic Widewater section of the C&O Canal, stopping along the way to observe and photograph several turtle-filled estuaries. However, just as the group approached the turnoff for Great Falls Overlook, thunder and heavy clouds rolled in. The group divided, with four members (including the event host) heading for shelter at the Visitor Center, while the remaining six bravely soldiered on to the Falls, even as heavy rain ensued. While the whole group never re-convened after that, one of the Overlook visitors (who had come prepared with a hooded poncho) later reported that the Falls were "well worth it" despite the rain.

Upper Whiteoak Canyon Falls Hike (Craig)
We eight left East Falls Church on time at 9. We arrived at the Upper Whiteoak Canyon Trail Parking Lot on time at 11. We ate lunch at the Falls Overlook on time at 12:30. Then we had to switch from Plan A to Plan B to Plan C to... Plan Z, ending our hike at 5:15 at the Lower Whiteoak Canyon Trail Parking Lot. Many thanks to those who helped to improvise a Plan Z that was actually quite pleasant in some ways. Dinner was at the Roadside 29 instead of at Skyland, and nobody complained. We arrived back at East Falls Church at 8:30, precisely as predicted. Nothing to see here, folks; just move along.

President Jeff Hughes (301) 775-9660
Secretary Brett Ferber (703) 914-1439
Treasurer John Cybulski (703) 914-1439
Membership Karen McGinn (703) 395-3962
Publicity Bill Horten (443) 244-5495
These are the people who are chosen by the Trip Leaders to make Adventuring's activities tick. Please call them if you have any ideas, questions about our events, hikes, rides and splashes, or if you want to volunteer your skills.
Woods Coordinator: Other Coordinator:
Craig Howell (202) 462-0535 Jerry Cowden (703) 920-6871