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Adventuring is a not-for-profit, all-volunteer organization serving the gay and lesbian community in the Washington area. Its purpose is to encourage and publicize group outdoor activities. If you are a trip leader, please update your trip descriptions and announcements in the Adventuring web database for the upcoming month no later than the 20th of the previous month.


Date(s) Trip Title Leader Phone
Aug 08 (Sat) Blackberry Ice Cream Hike (2020 Edition) Jeff (301) 775-9660
Aug 15 (Sat) Big Schloss Circuit Hike Joe (202) 276-5521
Oct 10-17 (Sat-Sat) Northern Arizona - October 2020 Philip Tracy

Important Information: Liability: Adventuring is a not-for-profit organization operated entirely by volunteers. The activities sponsored by Adventuring are cooperative in nature; individuals participate at their own risk and with the understanding that trip leaders are not experts. The Adventuring organization and its individual volunteers take no responsibility and disclaim any liability for accident or injury associated with its activities. Trip Fees: In order to support the operation of its program, Adventuring assesses a trip fee of $2 per participant for day trips and $4 for trips longer than a day. Trip fees are payable to the trip leader on or by the date of the activity. Transportation Fees: Trip leaders may assess a transportation fee to reimburse drivers for the expense of group carpools. This fee is calculated at the rate of 30 cents per mile per vehicle and is divided among the carpooling participants.


Blackberry Ice Cream Hike (2020 Edition)
Aug 08 (Sat); Jeff(301) 775-9660
[ALL SLOTS FOR THIS TRIP HAVE BEEN TAKEN. BUT YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR A WAIT LIST ON MEETUP.]In a normal summer, we’d have had a couple of our ever-popular Blackberry Ice Cream hikes by this time. But as everyone knows, this is not a normal summer, so here’s the coronavirus version of Adventuring’s summertime classic.

What remains the same: We’ll hike only in the upper elevations of Shenandoah National Park, where temperatures can be 15-20 degrees cooler than in DC. And when we finish, we’ll savor blackberry ice cream delights at the Skyland Lodge. We’ll hike up and around Stony Man, SNP’s second highest peak, as well as along the Appalachian, Passamaquoddy, Furnace Spring and Crusher Ridge Trails. Total distance for this moderate hike will be 6.5 miles with roughly 800 feet of cumulative elevation gain. Please pack lunch, plenty of water, sunscreen, and bug spray – and wear sturdy boots, because there are some rocky parts of the trail.

What will be different: Adventuring will not organize carpools – everyone is responsible for finding their own way to the trailhead (people can use the comment section in Meetup to look for rides). Everyone must have a mask (though if there are stretches where the trail is unoccupied and we are six feet apart, the masks can come down). The group will be limited to 10. Payment of the trip fee and the signing of the release form will be done electronically. If you want to join us, you must 1) send the $2 trip fee either through PayPal (jeffreyhughes@me.com) or Venmo (Jeff-Hughes-136); and 2) read the release form (http://www.adventuring.org/ReleaseFormV2.2.pdf) and email me (jeffreyhughes@me.com) that you approve of its terms. Once I receive the payment and the release form approval, I will email you the coordinates of where we are meeting (if you have to cancel, I will of course reimburse your trip fee). RSVPing on Meetup will not guarantee you a place – only payment of the trip fee and receipt of an email that you agree with our release form. Our meetup time will be 10:30 AT THE TRAILHEAD.

I look forward to the time when we can go back to our old (more relaxed) ways but in the meantime, I hope 9 of you can join me for a hike in one of the most beautiful stretches of SNP – followed by Shenandoahs uniquely delicious blackberry ice cream treats.

Big Schloss Circuit Hike
Aug 15 (Sat); Joe(202) 276-5521
Located on the crest of Great North Mountain along the VA/WV border, the dramatic Big Schloss outcrop offers a scenic panorama of Trout Run Valley in West Virginia and Little Schloss Mountain in Virginia. We will begin from the base of the mountain with a steady ascent along the Little Stony Creek Trail. After passing quaint little Sugar Knob Cabin, our route will be a comparatively pleasant stroll along the ridgeline of Mill Mountain, eventually bringing us to a short climb up to Big Schloss itself. A steep descent will lead us back down to our starting point.

This is a strenuous 13-mile circuit hike with approximately 2300 feet of elevation gain and is suitable only for experienced hikers in good aerobic condition.. We will meet at the trailhead and start our hike at 9 a.m., an early start by Adventuring standards that will take advantage of the slightly cooler morning temperatures. Bring plenty of water (at least three liters), lunch, bug spray, sunscreen, and sturdy footwear. A post-hike change of shirt, shoes and socks is optional but usually recommended for your own comfort.

Special procedures due to coronavirus: Adventuring will not organize carpools; we will instead meet at the trailhead. You are welcome to use the comment section in Meetup to arrange carpools. The group will be limited to 10. Everyone must have a mask, though there are likely to be stretches of the trail where we can keep a 6-foot distance among ourselves and from other hikers and a mask isn’t needed.

If you want to join us, an RSVP on Meetup will not guarantee you a place. In addition to that, you must (1) send the $2 trip fee via PayPal (jhc1916@yahoo.com) and (2) read the release form (http://www.adventuring.org/ReleaseFormV2.2.pdf) and email me that you approve of its terms. I will then email you directions to where we are meeting. If you have to cancel, I will reimburse your trip fee.

Northern Arizona - October 2020
Oct 10-17 (Sat-Sat); Philip Tracy
Flagstaff, AZ (home base)
Excursions to: Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Sunset Crater, Oak Creek Canyon, Humphrey's Peak

Moderate to strenuous activities
$350-$500 per person for lodging & transportation
(does not include individual airfare, food and incidentals)

Members signing up for this trip must have prior hiking attendance of a minimum of 2 hikes with Adventuring within the past year (if you don't meet the minimum but think you're capable of doing all the hikes, then contact one of the trip leaders to discuss: Joe Cook, or Philip Tracy).

This trip is a continuation of an Adventuring tradition of hosting longer, more ambitious excursions domestically or internationally. Based on the success of the Adventuring trip to Spain in June 2019, this Arizona trip features multiple days of hiking in the Northern Arizona and Flagstaff area. The trip includes accommodations and hiking routes with Adventuring leaders. The trip does not include transportation from participant’s home to Flagstaff, Arizona. Each Adventurer must make their own arrangements to arrive in Flagstaff on October 10, and depart on October 17. Local transportation to daily hikes and tour events will be provided. The costs for lodging, van rental and food will be split among Adventurers on the trip. The costs for lodging and van rental, shared between 6-9 guests, will be between $350-$500 per person for a week in Arizona hiking. The hikes range in distance from 5 to 14 miles and up to 3,300 feet of elevation gain. The length of the longer hikes, the elevation gain, and the overall itinerary of hiking most days put this trip in the moderate to strenuous category. Hikes include the Grand Canyon, Sunset Crater, Oak Creek Canyon and Humphreys Peak, the tallest mountain in Arizona at 12,633 feet. An excursion is planned for touring

Monument Valley. Hikes and excursions will be adapted to weather conditions.

A deposit of $300 is required to confirm your participation.

A “Meetup” reservation without deposit does not hold your spot. Please contact trip leader Philip Tracy [etp523@yahoo.com] for information on where to mail your deposit.


Team DC Promotes LGBT Sports in DC Area
Team DC is a charitable organization providing information on the many LGBT sports and recreation groups in the Washington DC area, educating the LGBT community on the benefits of individual and team sports participation, and working within the broader community to dispel discrimination against LGBT people participating in sports. You can subscribe to their Sportsgram or find out more about LGBT sports and recreation in the DC area by visiting the Team DC website: teamdc.org

Pick the Place—Set the Pace—Be the Face
Have you ever wanted to be the one who decides where Adventuring goes? Have you ever thought, “I would like to set the pace?” Have you thought, “More people like me should be on this trip.” Become a Trip Leader, and you can pick the place, set the pace AND be the new face of Adventuring!

Adventuring’s volunteer Trip Leaders hone leadership skills while having fun with friends. Trip Leaders share practical tips with each other while serving Adventuring’s unique mission—opening up the Great Outdoors to the LGBT community!

Becoming a Trip Leader is easy and free. Contact the Program Coordinator in your area of interest listed at http://www.adventuring.org/about.htm , or simply contact any one on our Program Coordinators (either Woods Coordinator or Other Coordinator) listed at http://www.adventuring.org/about.htm.

Adventuring will pair you with a current Trip Leader with similar interests, and the two of you will plan and conduct your first Adventure together. Once you are comfortable with the process—then you get to pick the place, set the pace and be the new face of Adventuring!

Capital Climbers
Adventuring continues it's partnership with the Capital Climbers (LGBT rock climbing group) http://www.capitalclimbers.com/ that began in 2015. One of the highlights of this partnership is the annual Big Meadows/Meteor Shower Weekend held in Shenandoah National Park in early August. The Capital Climbers reserve campground spaces while Adventuring reserves a block of rooms at Big Meadows Lodge which members from each group are welcome to stay at either location. Adventuring plans two days of hiking along the SNP trails while the Capital Climbers set out to scramble the face of Stony Man summit. In the evening they come together at the lodge for drinks at the Tap Room, dinner in the dining room and a late night hike to the meadows to view the annual Perseid meteor shower.


Pride Hike through Rock Creek Park (Jeff Hughes)
Adventuring’s back! And we’re celebrating Pride. After nearly a 3-month absence from the trails, Adventuring came up with its own Phase 2 reopening by organizing a hike in Rock Creek Park complete with masks, social distancing, and walking in groups no larger than 9. Also, since this would have been Capitol Pride weekend, we declared this hike our substitute for the canceled Capitol Pride parade and asked participants to wear something they normally would have worn for the parade (though high heels were highly discouraged). Twenty-one individuals eagerly joined us on a perfect, sunny day for our colorful return to the trails – sporting everything from rainbow face masks to beads to the champion Italian contribution of a hot pink wig and rainbow cape. After hiking approximately 9 miles, the 3 separate groups made their way to the Boundary Bridge and then formed a very long (and socially distant line) to the Silver Spring metro station. After that, fourteen hungry and thirsty hikers made their way to the outdoor beer garden of the LGBTQ-owned Denizen Brewery, where we raised more than a few glasses to Adventuring’s return and to Pride.

Cape Henlopen (DE) Camping Weekend (Martin)
We had a great time camping and spending a beautiful weekend at Cape Henlopen. We only wish that our campsite were bigger. Instead, we found ourselves jostling for a space on a slant surface that during the night helped slide us from one end of the tent to another. But, we did fairly well for our first returning to Cape Henlopen in 5 years (not knowing that it was like about the site). And we did not waste the opportunity to do some reconnaissance for bigger, flatter campsites for future returns to the park.
Unfortunately, we didn’t have a grill. So, the salmon and chicken went back home with us. However, our supplies of fresh fruits, bagels, freeze-dried meals, peanut butter, eggs, oatmeal, sake, noodles, and pistachios were plenty to keep us sustained.

The hikes were wonderful. The first afternoon, we swam with a pod of dolphins. The second day, we went through the military ruins, hiked both sides of the peninsula in the morning, learned about the mating habits of horseshoe crabs and rescued a few. In the afternoon, we hiked the southern portion, through Gordons Pond, where we had a close-up view of a variety of birds thanks to the binoculars of a super friendly birder/cyclist – not much of a birder, though, because we found we were given wrong names for the bird species upon later verification at campsite :). Walking back along the beach, we chatted up and learned from a fisherman about the humongous sand fleas that he caught to use as baits. A total of 13 miles of hiking seeing a mix of pine forest, marshland, dunes, and ocean. Some of us opted for more beach time.

For a bonus at the end of the day, the park opened up a watch tower for us to climb up. Wonderful views up and down the coastline. If you go to town (Rehoboth Beach), we highly recommend Nuevo Taco. Great food. Fair prices.

We were not very happy to leave but we’ll be back!

President Jeff Hughes (301) 775-9660
Secretary Jackson Tan (410) 422-9257
Treasurer Peter Redding (202) 352-4796
Membership Jireh Aki (562) 810-4411
Publicity Bill Horten (443) 244-5495
Social Philip Tracy (202) 374-3425‬
At Large Harris Turk (443) 415-7856
These are the people who are chosen by the Trip Leaders to make Adventuring's activities tick. Please call them if you have any ideas, questions about our events, hikes, rides and splashes, or if you want to volunteer your skills.
Woods Coordinator: Other Coordinator:
Craig Howell (202) 462-0535 Jerry Cowden (571) 241-3787